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Literacy in Science/Technical Subjects

Reading and Writing in Science and Technical Subjects
Reading is critical to building knowledge in history/social studies as well as in science and technical subjects.  Students must be able to read complex informational texts in these fields with independence and confidence because the vast majority of reading in college and workforce training programs will be sophisticated nonfiction. It is important to note that these Reading standards are meant to complement the specific content demands of the disciplines, not replace them.

For students, writing is a key means of asserting and defending claims, showing what they know about a subject, and conveying what they have experienced, imagined, thought, and felt. To be college and career ready writers, students must take task, purpose, and audience into careful consideration, choosing words, information, structures, and formats deliberately. To meet these goals, students must devote significant time and effort to writing, producing numerous pieces over short and long time frames throughout the year.